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Default FA: Boeing 727 Scrapbook

Boeing 727 Scrapbook
Morgan, Len and Terry: THE BOEING 727 SCRAPBOOK
Fallbrook, CA: Aero, 1978. First edition. Very good with very good jacket.
Lower edge of front board spotted. Dust jacket very lightly edgeworn with
one small chip at upper front.
"Here is the story of the most widely used airliner in service today. A
truly remarkable concept featuring rear-mounted engines, twin rudders,
twenty-six flaps, nosewheel brakes and a retractable tail skid, the "Three
Holer" very nearly died on the drawing boards in Seattle. The decision to
build is still recalled as a billion dollar gamble.
"This is an account of that gamble, the men at Boeing who played for high
stakes and the reason their winner came to be named the "727." Here also is
the story of the man who formed the company which builds the 727's superb
engines, Pratt & Whitney; as well as the story of Francis Pratt and Amos
Whitney themselves.
"The 727's first hop is recalled by the test pilots who flew it. The
authors, who fly the ship in scheduled service, describe a routine airline
trip -and the details are given for four 727 flights which were anything but
routine, Crew training - groundschool, simulator, flight checks - is covered
along with the several systems each pilot and flight engineer must master to
qualify for his -or her - 727 FAA rating.
"More than 150 carefully-selected photographs and scale drawings, eight
pages in full color."
starting bid = $9.50


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