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Default OLC in Firefox?

On 1/15/2021 5:55 PM, Matthew Scutter wrote:
The majority of inexplicable, impossible bugs reported to me on websites I've made are eventually tracked down to overzealous privacy browsers/ad-blockers/antivirus blocking legitimate web functionality silently (for example, WebGL) that could theoretically be used for tracking/advertising.
You will end up seeing a slower, more broken web everywhere you browse, and you'll not likely realize it's due to your browser.

If you feel you must go down this route I recommend what I use, which is Chrome and uBlock Origin - even still l have to semi-frequently disable uBlock when I find a button that won't press or a form that won't submit on a government website or similar.

I'm using uBlock Origin on Firefox, and have it disabled for OLC pages.
And have cleared the browser cache. Still the map (standard, not
advanced) part of OLC flights pages never loads.

Everything else loads. Even the small map that shows up when you hover
the mouse over the icon (in a list of flights) that leads to the page
for the individual flight shows just fine.

Tried changing the privacy settings to allow things like trackers and
fingerprinters, no change.

And it used to work in a previous version of Firefox, from a year or two