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Is this post relevant in this newsgroup?
What is a 5 pillar group?
Does it fly?

"Master Affiliate" wrote in message
Ken Evoy must be bonkers - or the
smartest marketer around. He's just
spent three months writing a 224-page
manual for affiliates, telling you,
step-by-step, how to succeed with
revenue sharing programs . . .

And now he's giving it away. All you have to
do to get the complimentary manual for
affiliates is join the 5 Pillar Program,
which just happens to be the best revenue
sharing program out there. Yes, although it's
the best Manual on the market, you can have
this one totally without charge.

You should do it now. It will be the
wisest thing you've done this year.

Yes, the 5P Manual is complimentary to all 5
Pillar Affiliates. And we also offer the
get-off-to-a-solid-beginning "Getting Started
Action Guide" which provides all the
information affiliates need to know in order
to get their business up and running easily
and quickly. Download a free copy of the
Guide to see how the 5 Pillar Program can
help you...