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Default Dennis Fetters Rumour

Maybe DF is flying around as a Mini UFO

May his soul rest in peace," if this is true"
But if it is true, I'll have to purchase a ticket to Argentina, or
Corona,Calif. so I can pi$$ on his head, as he & I have a little wager
as to who will out live who. I sure hope I have too purchase that
ticket as it will give me,"GREAT PLEASURE" to win this wager.
Come on, Denney,If you are still out there lurking - starting this
rumor = your usual misspelling = " rumour " kinda hints that you're
in need of more warpped attention.?
So, come on out of hiding!!! I'll know if it is "you for sure" as we
know each other very well!!! I'll even be nice to MOOOOOna at your
wake or what ever you do at the ending cerimooooona (did I misspell
that word?)!!!

Your Buddy,Ed Randolph 0005, In memory of Ed Bihn,Gil Armbruster,&
Allen Barklage And others who have gone west before us!

Is rumour started by DF?
If true, ironic : live/die by

Kevin O'Brien wrote:
There's a rumour going around that Dennis Fetters perished in a Brantly
crash in Argentina in July.

For a rumour, that's very specific, and I'm going to check it out in
Argentina. But it seems to me that it's pretty farfetched for several
reasons. Seems like this group might be a place to debunk, or, God
forbid, confirm such news. Dennis has occasionally posted here.

I have had my differeces with Dennis but don't wish injury or death on
him or his -- I hope he's OK.

Y'all fly safe out there.



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