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On 05 Feb 2004 23:18:53 GMT, (Tlewis95) wrote:

I am buying a new computer
I have a 0.5 GhZ Pentium III Gateway and get a crappy 10-20 FPS with medium
I am looking for the quickest FS2004 runing machine
I am thinking about he Dell Dimension XPS
I would want at least 30 FPS with highish scenery/AI/weather
Is this possible?

Trace Lewis age 13

Try Alienware or Falcon Northwest. Dell is pretty good, but not
upgradable much because they use proprietary power supply connectors
to the motherboard. I hear Dell has really gone down hill in the tech
support department too. Gateway might be the better choice. Gamers
either build their own or buy from places like Falcon Northwest or Alienware
Buy the fastest you can afford and enjoy.