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Joe Morris je osjetio potrebu napisati
Sadly, the game has, as you note, disappeared. You might find copies
(and I have no idea of the copyright status, or the legality of the
offerings) by googling for "tracon" and "game" to locate servers
offering so-called "abandonware". These servers might include
copies of the manual.

Yes, and even the GUI developed for the windows version seems inviting...
but it's hard to actually use it since i dont even know the keyboard
shortcuts for commands to aircraft.

The game is available for download via or something
like that (google "the underdogs"), but there is no manual. According to
google groups, several posts have been written in this and some other
newsgroups somewhere in the early 90's (geeze... like ages ago )) but were
mostly critisized because "people who dont have the manual dont have the
legal copy".

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