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Jay Williams
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First, ignore Aaron. Who the hell is he? I've been here for years and
never heard of him before. There's always some superior Foxtrot Hotel
wanting to dump, especially if you call yourself a newbie. If MSFS helps
you practice procedures, more power to you. Lots of people have used it for
that purpose. Don't forget however, that flying the real thing feels
different. Lots of people find the real thing easier because of that.

Second, is the best place for help with MSFS
2004, 2002, etc. Lots of helpful people there, many of them "real life"
pilots. In particularly, look for Dudley Henriques... Remarkably few
Foxtrot Hotels... It also has less posts devoted to politics.

Third, the original logitech Wingman Force (with the USB and serial port)
was designed to work with a game port set of rudder pedals. No subsequent
one has been so designed, to my knowledge.

BUT that doesn't mean you can't use rudder pedals with it. You can, and
easily. Plug some rudder pedals in (I recommend the CH Pro Pedals, in USB
flavor... You'll love the toe brakes) You don't need the CH manager
software for this, but it is a great program.

Go into MSFS2004. Click on "settings". In the upper right is the section
for controls. Click on "assignments". At the top, click on the tab for
"axes". Under "joystick type" select your logitech joystick. Where the
axes (plural for axis) are defined, scroll down to "rudder axis". Uncheck
the box. This will disable your twist grip rudder in MSFS 2004

Now go back to "Joystick Type". Select your rudder pedals. Scroll down to
"Rudder Axis" and make sure the box is checked. If you are using the CH Pro
pedals, it will be assigned the Z axis. You can also check the boxes for
Right Brake (y axis) and Left Brake (x axis) as well.

Don't freak out when you notice that the X axis of your logitech stick and Y
axis are assigned to elevator and alieron control and the z axis is the
throttle. Each joystick has an x, y, (and if it's a rudder or has a
throttle) a z axis. That's normal.

If you have other joystick type peripherals, you can assign them the same
way, or change the keystrokes and buttons to activate commands in the game,

Click OK, then you're good to go. You may want to exit and re-start MSFS
2004 before flying just to make sure your changes are saved.

Have fun.

BTW - your next new peripheral should be the Track IR2. It makes all the
difference in the world with MSFS 2004, especially since the virtual display
in MSFS 2004 is clickable.

"Flight Sim newbie" wrote in message
How can I add rudder pedals to a "Logitech Wingman Attack 2" joystick?
Or, can I add that joystick to a "Logitech Formula GP Racing Wheel"?

I'm a newbie who would like to ask a newbie question (please advise).

To save time in the Citabria 7ECA ($80/hour) at a local airport, I
installed Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 which has helped me in ground
school, especially for the instrumentation and radio traffic portions.

But the "Logitech Wingman Attack 2" has no rudder pedals.

On the other hand, I bought for my kids the "Logitech Formula GP Racing
Wheel", which does come with two pedals (accelerator & brake) attached
via a telephone connector (which is probably rs-232 serial wired).

I guess I have three questions:
Q1: Has anyone disassembled a Logitech joystick to add the rudder
Q2: Is there a joystick which works with the existing rudder pedals?
Q3: Or do I have to go out and buy a third joystick with rudder pedals?

Please advise this Microsoft Flight Simulator newbie.