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Jay Williams kindly wrote:
... the original logitech Wingman Force (with the USB & serial port)
was designed to work with a game port set of rudder pedals.
No subsequent one has been so designed, to my knowledge.

BUT that doesn't mean you can't use rudder pedals with it.
Plug some rudder pedals in (I recommend the CH Pro Pedals,
in USB flavor... You'll love the toe brakes).

Thank you very much Jay for your time & patience and effort to help.
Do I understand you correctly below?

I definately have a "Logitech Wingman Attack 2" joystick (it says so
right on the base) which has only one wire which is USB. This joystick
has a trigger plus five buttons & one throttle slider. I do not see any
place to plug in any rudder pedals into this joystick (as someone
suggested) so I guess I have to add separate USB rudder-and-brake
pedals as you kindly suggested.

Since the pedals on my kid's "Logitech Formula GP Racing Wheel" use a
tiny telephone hand-set jack (even smaller than a normal telephone
jack), I really don't see how I can attach those existing car-driving
gas-and-brake pedals (unless there is a telephone-to-usb or
telephone-to-serial adapter out there).

So, if I understand you correctly (and if I discount someone else's
suggestion to use the existing pedals), does that mean I should buy the
recommended set of rudder pedals & a USB splitter so I can plug both
the CH Pro rudders and the joystick into the same USB port?