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Not-My-Real-Name wrote:
Yes, you can use your wheel's brake & throttle pedals as rudders.

Thank you for your advice to help me simulate a Citabria 7ECA in MSFS.

The only problem with your suggested approach (it seems to me anyway)
is I don't see any way to attach the "Logitech Formula GP Racing Wheel"
separate gas-and-brake pedals to either the "Logitech Wingman Attack 2"
joystick or to the computer because the GP gas-and-brake pedals have
only a telephone connector (the USB part is in the steering wheel). The
steering wheel doesn't seem like a good substitute for a yolk or
joystick either, as it doesn't go up & down the steering column.

Maybe there is a telephone-to-usb or telephone-to-serial adapter so I
can plug the driving gas-and-brake pedals into the computer, but if
there isn't, then I think I'll probably go and add Jay Williams'
suggested USB "CH Pro Pedals" and a USB splitter with the existing

So, it seems my best option is:
- Give up on leveraging the (automotive) racing wheel & pedals
- Keep the existing USB joystick
- Buy the "CH Pro Pedals" and a USB splitter
Connect the joystick & pedals first to the 2:1 splitter, then to the

I guess the other option is to just buy a third unit which combines a
yoke and a set of rudder/brake pedals. The advantage of this option is
the ability to simulate the Cessna 172 (which I might try some day in
the real).

Does anyone have a recommended beginner yoke & rudder combination?