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Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
Check Bob Church's site - I believe it's He has
information on adding rudder pedals to the WingMan Attack 2 joystick.

Complicated web site.

It will take a while to dig for the specific newbie question.
That site looks like it covers good stuff (almost none of which I
understood as I reviewed the main pages).

But (when I get good at this), it looks like this hint should come in

It would be nice if had a SEARCH button.
One thing I'd like to know is how to run MSFS 2004 without having to
always put the CDROM in (what a pain in the seat of the pants). Yes, I
legally own the 4-disc set ... but I still hate having to put the CDROM
in every time I run the simulator. I'm a messy guy and I always have to
dig around for the disks and I'm worried that I'll scratch it
eventually and be hosed.

Can this web page (which seems extensive) give me a hint on if MSFS2004
can be run without having to load the disk all the time?