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Mikael K
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On 19-Feb-2005, "Flight Sim newbie" wrote:

Maybe there is a telephone-to-us or telephone-to-serial adapter so I
can plug the driving gas-and-brake pedals into the computer, but if
there isn't, then I think I'll probably go and add Jay Williams'
suggested USB "CH Pro Pedals" and a USB splitter with the existing

So, it seems my best option is:
- Give up on leveraging the (automotive) racing wheel & pedals
- Keep the existing USB joystick
- Buy the "CH Pro Pedals" and a USB splitter
Connect the joystick & pedals first to the 2:1 splitter, then to the

Hi Newbie...

Hang on, before rushing out to buy those expensive, but otherwise nice, CH

You CAN use those pedals of yours... together with the stick.
But you have to connect the pedals to the steering-wheel, and thru that to
your computer.

The trick is to configure FS9 to ignore the wheels left/right movement under
joystick assignment.
Then you will have rudders to play with.. ;o)
I have previously posted a guide on how to do it...(I use a similar
So hang on, and I will find it and repost.. ;o)

Mikael K

Sorry.. no direct reply-email.. ;o)