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Chip Jones
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"Gary L. Drescher" wrote in message
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"Chip Jones" wrote in message
Given this traffic scenario, would any of you guys have followed my
suggestion to turn to a 180 heading, or was I wasting my breath?

At my level of (in)experience, I'll follow any ATC suggestion unless I

specific reason to do otherwise--especially in a traffic-alert situation

IMC. I do try to assess for myself the reasonableness of any ATC
suggestion, instruction, or clearance, and I'll balk if I have reason to.
But unless I see a specific problem with your suggestion, I'm going to
comply. (I suppose I might have thought it strange to be turned *into*

traffic, and might have asked you to "confrim right turn".)

The idea of rogue IMC aircraft is pretty scary. Was there any way to

that plane until it landed somewhere?

Well, I could have tracked him if I had wanted to, but there is no real way
of *proving* that he was breaking any rules.

Chip, ZTL

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