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Default "VideO Madness" ( Soldiers...) "GoD Hates FAGS!!! (He sO righteOusly DoES)"

"Bravo!" wrote in message

God is really the wonder worker here, I'm just in
for the Festivities, trying not to be too pushy.
But golly, we all are kind dumb to not realize how
fantastic life could truly become, if we held
respect for one another, to defend ourselves from
these escaping war criminals. Bush and Cheney
closed 911 Police Investigations for example.
Soldiers must be made all aware of this, as so,
the good guys can shine on for Victory.

Teh problem is?,
"****ING President Clinton?!?!?!,...., came up with teh
'Dont ask, dont tell' policy (which as far as GoD is concerned),
GoD has let terrorist setup 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' that
has taken out our soldiers and civilians, let terrorist setup
roadside bombs, suicide bombers, planes into buildings, ect.,...,
not only will GoD ****UP our soldiers?!?!?!,...., but he now lets
'Storms' roam into teh U.S.A. and take out numberless amounts of
children!!! (cause of all 'Teh ****ING-FAGGoTS and LEZBOS' that
are employed by our government)..."

"A country run by straight people?!?!?!,...., is a country,
protected by GoD!!!..."

*as GoD kills another ****ING-FAGGoT*

Colonel Jake - oNE NATIoN under GoD

"VideO Madness" "GoD Hates FAGS!!! (He sO righteOusly DoES)"

:And then some...

this message is SNECKED for brevity, YoU SToOPID-MoTHER****ER
(189KB wOrth oF ****e - What a SToOPID-****)

from Teh BoOk of Colonel Jake'ster

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