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Default How to Avoid Being Grounded.

On 7/8/2010 9:10 PM, Stephen! wrote:
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Ha! The LAST silly little regulation from the FAA (upgrade paper to
plastic certificates) - cost me around $1000 to fix up - and meant
flying a license from scratch.

Do tell...

I wasn't paying attention to new FAA regs until I bought a plane last
year. By January last, I realised that
1) The FAA was updating easily forged paper certificates to plastic
security enhanced pilot certificates.
2) Last valid date of old paper certificates March 2010
3) I was ineligible for a $2 upgrade because my FAA license was on the
basis of a British license flown many years earlier.
4) The FAA required CAA verification of the UK license.
5) This procedure would take more time than was left.
AND worst of all....
6) My UK medical was not current (though my US medical WAS) so
I might need a trip just to get a UK medical

Ho hum...
I bit the bullet, found a pilot examiner in nearby TexaS
flew the refresher hours, flew the test, wrote the pilot ground test.



Brian W