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On Jun 24, 4:13 am, "Stuart & Kathryn Fields" wrote:
Does anyone know where the kickstarter is for this group?

Stu, How about getting us some more info on the relaunched GM LS7
engine option for the Hummingbird?

John O hows this: After numerous inquiries over the years I decided with
much thought to bring back the GM engine as an option. The main reason is
fuel. Price and availability. The new LS7 has a lot of changes over the
previous GM that we were using. We can now get 427 cu. in. from an aluminum
small block that weighs the same as before. Redundant electronic ignition
and fuel control, titanium connecting rods, titanium valves, composite
intake, made to produce 505hp at 6300rpm. We are only turning this engine at
3400rpm and we are not using a reduction unit. Direct drive into the
transmission. All of this weighs the same as the Lycoming and produces
280hp. Burns 9 gallons per hour 91 octane fuel. With the price of Lycoming
engines as they are, about $60,000.00 retail and fuel costs going up and
availability of 100LL in the future, if this industry is to move on then it
looks like we have to do it ourselves. I have the LS7 priced at $24,920.00
ready to install with all accessories, mounts, etc. More to come.

That was direct from Brad Clark. Sounds like he is on top of things as
usual. Brad does not have any flies on him. This makes the Hummingbird ever
more attractive. Watch out R-44s



If the HB was it a wee bit faster it would eat the (magnificent) R44
for breakfast. But when doing the fuel burn and mantenance calcs you
always have to figure that the HB is flying for about 25% more hours
to get there, and thats if there's no headwind!

But with the current numbers on the LS7 package, it is a very
compelling package. Not sure how much longer I can hold out.

I see they have a quickbuild fuselage for sale on their website....