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Subject: Gun, machine gun and/or cannon?
From: "The Enlightenment"
Date: 8/22/2004 10:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

Only 3 hits were required to brring down a 4 engined heavy bomber and even a
P47 couldn't survive more than a hit or two. (which made the Me 109 so
deady if it got to within 200m)

During our training in WW II the number of hits to bring down any plane was a
point of important study for us. Bringing down a heavy bomber with three hits
regardless of where it was hit is in itself an unreasonable concept. Studies
showed that an ME 109 would have to put almost 75 hits into a B-17 to bring it
down. The most vulnerable enemy fighter was the Jap zero (after the JU 87) and
it needed 12 hite to bring it down.

Arthur Kramer
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