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Andrew Sarangan
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While a CFI signoff is required, there is really no logic behind that
requirement (it might have had a logic when the written exams were
offered for free by the FAA). If you can't find any CFI willing to sign
you off, I am sure one of us here on this newsgroup will be willing to
do it. There should not be any charge for this service as it only takes
a few minutes to do, and whether you pass or fail does not reflect back
on us.

"Falky foo" wrote in

Hi, thinking of getting my private license. Looking to do ground
school entirely at home, as I already am pretty familiar with most of
the concepts covered by the FAA written test. FAA Rules say one can
take the test with:

e. A certificate of graduation from an aviation home study
course developed by the aeronautical enterprise providing
the study material. The certificate of graduation must
correspond to the FAA written test for the certificate or rating
sought. The aeronautical enterprise providing the course of
study must also supply a comprehensive written test which can be
scored as evidence that the student has completed the course of
study. When the student satisfactorily completes the written
test, it is sent to the course provider for scoring by an FAA
certificated ground or flight instructor. The instructor
evaluates the test and attests to the student's knowledge of the
subjects presented in the course. Upon satisfactory completion,
a graduation certificate is sent to the student.

I've been looking at Sporty's home study thing. Does anybody know if
they do the CFI signoff/ graduation certificate themselves? That is,
does their (or anybody's) home study course include a written test
which you either send electronically, or by mail, or (best) is
automatically graded and "signed" by the computer when you complete
the test? I'm trying to avoid giving a CFI $70 so that he can spend
15 seconds looking at my answers and signing off on the test (sorry

I've looked far and wide, and all the home study stuff is very coy
about whether you can use their "certificates of graduation" to
satisfy the above FAA rule.

Thanks very much!