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I guess he does not trust his work and is unsure that he did not leave
out some hose connections possibly to the encoder?
If your biannual altimeter and transponder test is still within the
allowed two year time you only have to do a static system test to test
that the new connections do not leak per part 23.1325 paragraph 2i or
2ii which is a simple and quick one minute leakage test using the
existing airplane's altimeter.
Why pay for a $200 test when a $10 test is what is needed?

On Tue, 09 Mar 2004 20:19:01 -0600, Jack I wrote:

Hi all,
So are you required to get a transponder test any time the static
system has been opened (for VFR flight)?

You are required to get a static/altimeter/xpdr test for IFR flight
any time the static system has been opened (91.411).

91.413 refers to maintenance on the transponder (and presumably
encoder) but has no reference to the static system.

My IA wants me to get a transponder test because he had some of the
static hoses off. I'd prefer to wait until I get some radio work
done in a month or so.


91.413 ATC transponder tests and inspections.

(a) No persons may use an ATC transponder that is specified in 91.215(a),
121.345(c), or 135.143(c) of this chapter unless, within the preceding 24
calendar months, the ATC transponder has been tested and inspected and
found to comply with appendix F of part 43 of this chapter; and

(b) Following any installation or maintenance on an ATC transponder where
data correspondence error could be introduced, the integrated system has
been tested, inspected, and found to comply with paragraph (c), appendix E,
of part 43 of this chapter.