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Ryan Young
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Veeduber had some of his usual interesting and useful commentary on Drag -
Anti-drag wires in the FLY5K Yahoo Group within the last month or so.

No, I'm not going to find the URL for you. It's late, I'm tired, so that's
left as an Exercise For The Reader.
Ryan R Young
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From: Ron Wanttaja
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.homebuilt
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 01:07:54 GMT
Subject: Drag - Anti/Drag Wires

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003 12:29:07 -0700, "Rich S."

"log" wrote in message
Does anyone have info or know where to find info on solid wires and
fittings? I want to use wires simlar to Piper and Pitts, but can't find a
source for them.

I have no idea of your intended use, but in any case please take a look at

Thanks for the plug, Rich. However, I should point out that this type of
failure probably wouldn't occur on a set of drag/anti-drag wires. For one
thing, they are internal to the wing and not subjected to the airstream
buffeting that the flying wires are hit with. Plus, since the
drag/anti-drag wires cross, one can tie them together and damp out just
about any vibration.

I'd have no hesitation about using solid wires *internally* to my
wing...except for the cost, of course. Still, the standard cable
cross-wires on Fly Babies each use a turnbuckle, and those turnbuckles have
gotten pricy. I've been thinking of buying a set of Wag-Aero Cuby internal
bracing wires and see if they'd fit.

Ron Wanttaja