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Andrew Boyd
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DSowder wrote:

Andrew, it looks like your third S-2B has a black propeller, while the other
two have the white one. I know you've written about this before. I've been
thinking about upgrading my white propeller from 200 cm blades to the new
203's, but if I were rich, would I like the black propeller better?

Hm. If money is no object, you might go with the (counterweighted)
78-inch, fat-chord (black blade) Hartzell claw, which provides just
a bit more slow-speed thrust than the (80 inch) 203cm MT, at a cost
of a bit more drag at the top end (and thus slower speed - perhaps 5 mph).

The claw blades are simply indestructible compared to the delicate MTs,
but the claw is noticeably heavier than the MT. TANSTAAFL.

However, the price is eye-watering: last I heard it was $55,000 list
for the claw, vs perhaps $11,000 for the MT.

Have you checked out the rumoured scimitar MT blades? If you want to
get new blades, check them out.

Ever looked at the whirlwind props? For your experimental/exhibition
Pitts, it's a choice worth looking at - the blades look similar to
the claw.

aboyd ATP