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Default I'd rather not become an "expert", but... (PF PCAS range config)

On Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 3:19:39 PM UTC-5, Tango Eight wrote:
I'd like to make my Powerflarm PCAS range about a mile.

Can anyone shed light on the issues with PCAS range configuration and the warning given here?

"Range settings, especially PCAS-range, may only be changed by experts."

I have no desire for non-directional alerts unless there's some reasonable chance I can pick them up quickly visually. Any good reason not to select 2km horiz and 300m vertical?

Evan Ludeman / T8

I'm with Evan. Getting too many PCAS alarms is unnerving. We are on the edge of the Chicago B airspace with lots of light aircraft traffic going around it. The constant warnings with no good indication where to look (plus the imprecision that Steve mentions) are no fun. The longer range PCAS indications are pretty much worthless.