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Mxsmanic wrote:
Sam Spade writes:

Mxsmanic wrote:

Sam Spade writes:

He was working in an environment with seasoned test pilots and had
access to controlled icing experiments. He wasn't pulling his
observations out of his backside.

But he and I agree. So I cannot be wrong if he is right.

You're missing the point. You have no experience flying a real
airplane, not even student pilot pre-solo training.

As I've just said, since I agree with him, I cannot be wrong if he is right.
Either we are both wrong (unlikely given his research and experience), or we
are both right (much more probable).

It doesn't matter what experience I have with a real airplane. I got my
knowledge from him. He is a much more reliable source than you are. And the
information in question is unrelated to real flying experience, anyway. Pilots
can fly a real airplane for decades without ever understanding how icing works
... until they get stuck in it, and then it's too late.

So, you can't possibly know about the variables of serious instrument
flying ...

You're wasting a lot of time concentrating on the poster rather than the post.
What I say is either right or wrong. In this case, since I merely echo what
all the experts say, inevitably I am right. Quarreling with me simply because
you cannot separate your personal animosity towards me from objective reality
is counterproductive and immature. The facts remain the same. Icing is bad.

I am sure he would be
thrilled to learn that you agree with him, for he could rest knowing
that the world's greatest PC pilot has validated his work.

I suspect that he might not have his judgement clouded by the same
preoccupation with personality that appears to be afflicting you.

I'm tired of accommodating your issues. Unless you are willing to discuss only
the topic of the thread, rather than me, my interaction with you has ended.

Your personality IS the issue. You are so full of ****.