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While I'm sure FS2004 is great and all, that wasn't much of a review
considering Rod Machado was paid by Microsoft for the training materials he
added to the game. I was a little irritated that AOPA put what was
essentially an advertisement in as a product review.

"Cub Driver" wrote in message

Does anyone own this? I was thinking of using it at home as I start my
instrument training for help with repetative proceedures.

It gets a rave review in the current issue of AOPA pilot.

I have always scoffed at Flight Sim, because what I saw on the screen
didn't resemble what I see when I drive my Cub along at 2900 ft AGL.
But that review made me feel wistful that my puter isn't up to the
demands of this edition of MS Flight Sim.

The reviewer, by the way, was talking about its use as a
flight-training tool. The conclusion in short was: yes yes yes!

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