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Originally Posted by Linc View Post
On Thursday, July 16, 2009 3:17:38 AM UTC-4, Charles Talleyrand wrote:
I'm curious. Can a Blackhawk, Chinook, or other large military
helicopter hover with one engine out? What is the procedure for one-
engine-out operations for large helicopters? I assume no one auto
rotates a 30,000 lbs helicopter???

The obvious internet searches didn't help.

-Much Thanks
-Charles Talleyrand

I know this is an old post, but Nick Lappos had an interesting comment on the considerations of single engine aircraft versus twins on the PPRUNE forums. I am not going to find it and cross post it here. One should be able to find it through Google.

I feel compelled to respond with my personal experience. Yes, some twin engine helicopters can hover on one engine, I've hovered a UH-60L OGE at 5,000 MSL single engine on a cool day, HH-53B/C had the capability. The HH-3E's I flew NEVER had single engine hover capability, but they all had single engine cruise capability. Navy/Marine helicopters are all twin engine because it sucks to have your only engine quit over water. I've had to shut down one engine half a dozen times (compressor stalls, chip lights, loss of oil pressure, etc.). It never happens in a convenient place. It's really nice to cruise back to an airport to land. Never had to shut down a single engine, never want to.