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Default Airbus A380 in Arizona

"John Francis" wrote....

Probably parts for the Boeing 787. That's wider than anything
currently in commercial service (and many of the newer jets are
already noticeably wider than a mere 747).

When I was up in Seattle a few weeks ago on a visit to Boeing
I got to look around the passenger cabin mockup they use to show
prospective customers. I also saw, sitting on the runway, one
of the custom-built freighters they have made to ferry 787 parts.

I suspect that what he saw was a combination of wry humor and a chunk of the
fuselage of one of those a/c specially rebuilt to haul "Wide Loads" on its
way from the boneyard to scrap, Tucson being the site of the US's largest
boneyard. There's one model built on the "chassis" of the old Boeing
Stratocruiser/C-97 which has an enormous diameter.