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Dan Marotta
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Default 50 shades of grey glider, whose glider is that in the movietrailer

'Way back in the '90s, I flew in a production of "Secrets of Speed" for
ESPN. Did a ground launch for the opener and some formation flight with
an LS-3 with a lipstick camera taped to the wing root of my LS-6a and a
formation landing (on parallel taxiway and runway) with an LS-4. Nobody
said a word about insurance. How times change...

Dan Marotta

On 7/26/2014 2:40 AM, wrote:
"I would have told the production company to pay the insurance, no insurance no fly.

BillT "

That's pretty much how it played out! They wouldn't pay for the extra insurance they felt necessary so we dropped out of the project. Apparently the guys our man worked with that were directly responsible for co-coordinating an arranging the actual aerial photography were great to work with and the extra liability requirement was sprung on them later from higher up.

I'm a little relieved as if our ship had appeared in the film it might have persuaded me to go see it. I've been exposed to a few passages from the book and I think the only hope for the film is that it might be "so bad it's good" in the MST3K way!