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Yeah, I know, it's kind of a silly question.

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I have a question:
(and the answer may be pretty basic)
We all know that you can't land a gyrocopter in a crab angle because you
might tip over. Why, then, don't they use castor type wheels, or some
other wheel setup where all wheels can swivel in any direction? I think
that this would allow the craft to roll in the direction of the momentum
preventing tipping over, but would it completely eliminate handling on
the ground? Could the rudder alone be enough to steer on the ground?

-Just wondering

Some gyroplanes do have a castering, or semi-castering front wheel, of
course the mains don't castor, but why would you need them to? A x-wind
landing in a gyro is not much different from one in an airplane. You apply
cyclic into the wind to eliminate drift, and use rudder to align the nose
with the runway. If the x-wind component excedes your limits, you can land
on a taxiway, if permitted, or line up on a diagonal approach to the
runway, or choose an alternate airport. Experienced gyro pilots can land
accross most runways, if necessary. It is always a good idea to carry a
bit more power when making a landing in a significant x-wind. It makes a
go-around easier, and provides you with a little more time to get
straightened out if caught by a gust.