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Kevin Darling
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"Dan Luke" c172rgATbellsouthDOTnet wrote in message ...
From a pilot's perspective, one of the most distressing things about that
accident was all the condemnation of JFK from the pilot community, as if all
these god-like aviators are immune from such an event. That adolescent
illusion of invulnerability gets people killed.

Yes. If you search the NTSB database, you can see that even
professional air taxi pilots and crews and their passengers have died
in that same area, in almost exactly the same way, on a moonless or
hazy night.

It is a common hazard along the islands here. You usually won't see
pilots from this part of the country giving JFK Jr grief. But we
should all learn from his mistake.

It's also sad that some otherwise smart and kind people feel the need
to take some kind of childish political stand on this particular