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Jonathan Birge
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"Marten Kemp" wrote in message
Ahem. I rather politely asked for substantiation for a statement that
contradicted my understanding of the situation.

That substantiation was supplied, and I now see that my understanding
of the situation was in error.

I find your statements uncalled for and offensive in the extreme, sir,
but in deference to the sensibilities of the newsgroup I shan't
subject them to the vituperation and opprobrium you so richly

Forsooth, don't hold back on my behalf, I pray you, good knight. But I
wasn't that rude and you weren't that polite. You were more incredulous and
patronizing than polite. ("Sir, can you substantiate that amazing
assertion?") Nobody calls anybody 'sir' anymore unless it's in a
self-righteous, patronizing way (kind of how you used it above with me). And
there's no point in using vituperation and opprobrium in the same sentence
since I very much doubt you really needed to make use of the subtle
differences in their meaning, you were probably just trying to use two big
words in a sentence.

At any rate, I agree I shot back with a bit much. So, let me have it if you
got it in you. You get these things out early and often and they don't back
up and cause heart attacks later in life.