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"Greg Esres" wrote in message
The civil aviation regulations do not apply to the military

Then why do the FARs contain certain exemptions for military aircraft,
if the regs don't apply to them in the first place?

In the interest of safety, the military respects and adheres to the FARs, in
most every instance. The military pilot, who is not required to even hold a
license, answers to his/her command, not the FAA.

There is some legal ambiguity, as the FAA has been given regulatory
authority in certain areas where they have not asserted their original legal
mandate. Over decades, this ambiguity has been resolved consistently - the
military is not governed by FARs.

There have been some interesting cases over the years. In a couple of cases
where military pilots have held licenses, the FAA has initiated action to
pull licenses, which would affect the military pilot's non-military or
post-military flying. These cases are rare. I wonder if the FAA has
actually pulled licenses of military pilots based on their military flying
behavior. Any ideas?

The FAR's contain certain exemptions for military aircraft primarily to
alert everybody involved that the military is likely to be acting outside of
the FAR's, in certain areas. A GA pilot might be interested in what can be
expected in the pattern when military aircraft are present! Thus, there is
great value to publish such exemptions.

The relationship between the military and FAA has been a model of
cooperation and communication compared to other inter-agency relationships.