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Mark and Kim Smith
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What's a yopur?

M. H. Greaves wrote:

I didnt know yopur friend had cows! lol
"Mark and Kim Smith" wrote in message

told me that his uncle flew or was on a crew that flew the B17's into
Oahu three hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He then went on to
tell me that his uncle went on to fly B29's in the Pacific, his
particular bomber was call the Cock Wagon. The nose art depicted a
rooster pulling a wagon. Did some googling and came up with nothing.
Anyone come across such a ship or pics on the web?

My coworker promised to bring in some pics. I told him we could scan
them, maybe post them at to help preserve them for
future generations. Any other suggestions on what to do with them once
scanned? TIA