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Default Airbus Launches Hydrogen-Powered ZEROe Initiative

Larry Dighera wrote:


According to Airbus, one of the two more conventional designs seating
120-200 passengers and resembling a modern turbofan airliner will have
a range of 2,000+ NM and be ?capable of operating transcontinentally
and powered by a modified gas-turbine engine running on hydrogen,
rather than jet fuel, through combustion. The liquid hydrogen will be
stored and distributed via tanks located behind the rear pressure
bulkhead.? In its presentation, Airbus also noted that hydrogen can be
used to create electricity through fuel cells, and that it would use
that as a source to power electric motors.

Burning hydrogen in a gas-turbine engine is no where near pollution
free, as due to the high flame temperature of hydrogen using air
as the oxidizer, burning hydrogen produces enourmous amounts of
nitrogen dioxides, i.e. smog.

Fuel cells run at much lower temperatures and ARE pollution free,
but the technology is not mature enough to power airliners.

Running turbines on hydrogen is a dead end wasted effort as once
the enviro-weinies find out how much smog they produce they will
be banned.


Jim Pennino