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Carlos Estopier
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Thank you all in helping me on this issue, yes I do have a great
partner and he will not fly as much as I intend to, the maintenance
cost and interest will be guaranteed on both parties.

What we have so far decided is, we will buy a used plane (2 or 3
years), refurbished completely, in the meantime we will start the
lessons for the PPL, so when the plane is ready to fly we can start
the practice on it, we will let go the Cirrus, because here in Mexico
there is not a dealership of it, so it will be a Piper, a Beach or a

So thank you again for your different point of views.


Walt Beaulieu wrote:

least expensive way to get a license I could find. If you go this
route, It goes without saying that the plane is insignificant compared
to picking your partners. Wrong partners = hell. Right partners =
Great Fun and tons o' saving.

Man, that is so true. It can't be emphasized enough. Make sure your partners
share your vision about how the airplane is to be used. It may seem like a great
deal because "...your partners don't fly very much". That can also mean that
they're not interested in maintaining the aircraft to the same standards as
someone (you) who flies a lot.