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On Tue, 21 Jan 2020 19:01:50 -0800, John DeRosa OHM Ω wrote:

The DB line of connectors is what came first to my mind also. You might
need 2/3 pins each for power and ground.

I have used stacked PowerPole connectors in a DG pedestal type
instrument panel to allow it to be removed for winter play. They
dovetail together so nicely and stay connected. Even the smallest pin
(three sizes are available) can handle 15 amps!

John (OHM)

Colin, I use DB connectors for all data connections in my cockpit and XLR
connectors for power.

Since I don't like wire tangles and much prefer to have all wiring
removable from the panel so, if needed I can troubleshoot by connecting
instruments that need to communicate with each other on the bench, both
the data and power connection each instrument is a straight cable woth
appropriate connectors at each end. These all terminate on at a small
metal box (for RF interference limiting) that is mounted behind the
panel. I've found that putting the DB connectors on a row on the box and
using a good selection of coloured, insulated wire makes doing the
interconnections super-easy and reliable.

All my DB connectors use either screws or clips to retain them: screws
are best, but some instruments use clips. Needless to say all have metal
covers fitted.

XLR connectors were developed for professional audio use. They have three
pins and are rather substantial. Our club uses them for battery
connections in all our club gliders.

Both DB and XLR connectors are easy to find RS and Farnell both have them
and so do Rapid Electronics - Rapid is good
for dealing with small orders over the 'net.

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