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Larry Smith
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"Barnyard BOb --" wrote in message

"Larry Smith" wrote:

Wondering why the price of a set of Flying wires for most HB Bi Planes

cost 3k or more? Not trying to argue, just wondering what drives the high


Thanks- J. Wolfer


LOW volume and...
HIGH priced lawyers.

Barnyard BOb --

Well, maybe, BOb, but I doubt it. How many suits against the flying wire
manufacturers? If there are any lawsuits, then maybe. If not, the mfrs.
have a chicken little paranoia. But flying wire mfrs. aren't "they."

"They" are Brunton and Brunton only, unless someone else tooled up to roll
them. Brunton bought out McWhyte and so has a m o n o p o l y. Besides,
Brunton is in Scotland. It names its price and is hardly vulnerable to USA

Which makes me wonder. Anybody ever seen cables on a Pitts?