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"Larry Smith" wrote:

Wondering why the price of a set of Flying wires for most HB Bi Planes
cost 3k or more? Not trying to argue, just wondering what drives the high


Thanks- J. Wolfer


LOW volume and...
HIGH priced lawyers.

Barnyard BOb --

Well, maybe, BOb, but I doubt it. How many suits against the flying wire
manufacturers? If there are any lawsuits, then maybe.

Tongue in cheek, Larry.

"They" are Brunton and Brunton only, unless someone else tooled up to roll
them. Brunton bought out McWhyte and so has a m o n o p o l y. Besides,
Brunton is in Scotland. It names its price and is hardly vulnerable to USA

Forget the lawsuit angle...

If this MONOPOLY is truly lucrative,
why don't you take these folks on?
Sounds like you could beat the socks
off Brunton.

It would be interesting to see what you
would charge if it was your low volume
custom business.

This business has come full circle. Read on...

Barnyard BOb -- the grass is always greener