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Del Rawlins
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On 28 Sep 2003 01:05 PM, Barnyard BOb -- posted the following:

This business has come full circle. Read on...

BOb, just wanted to let you know you are a jerk. I'm pretty sure I'd
already read that article but you caused me to spend the last two hours
reading Budd's site and getting caught up on the new material he has
posted since the last time I checked it. Because of you, my project
will now be another 2 hours later in getting finished than it would
otherwise have been. I can take some satisfaction in knowing that the
accumulated delays in construction all adds up to more time for the
diesel people to get my eventual engine built. 8^/

As far as the high cost of wires goes, it is true if you are buying just
a few or one set at a time. A few years ago on the Bearhawk list, one
of our members put together a group purchase for 10 sets of streamlined,
stainless wires for the tailfeathers, and the discount we received from
Steen Aero Lab for the volume order was amazing. I don't remember the
exact numbers but it was better than half off the regular price.

And just as a clarification, the Bearhawk is a simple design that
certainly doesn't require anything so hifalutin' as streamlined wires.
The plans call for round 4130 threaded by the homebuilder to brace the
tail (in addition to a streamlined 4130 tube strut) but being from the
Alaskan coast where things will rust/corrode if you so much as think the
wrong thoughts about them, I couldn't pass up the chance at stainless
wires with rolled threads. I have observed that you can sell almost
anything to an Alaskan, so long as it is made out of stainless steel.

Del Rawlins-
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