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Default A complicated question about LiFePO4 batteries, - and switching.

On Fri, 22 Jun 2018 06:22:27 -0700, markmocho53 wrote:

Because there are very few panel mount fuse holders available with
in LED indicators?

How many do you want?


I was curious, never having seen any, if indicator fuse holders were
available So I did a bit of searching on the local electronics suppliers
(RS, Farnell and Rapid Electronics) websites for individual LED indicator
equipped 5 x 20mm fuse holders and didn't find any. I looked for that
type because those would be direct replacements for the in-flight
accessible fuse holders in my glider.

I did see indicator fuse blocks and individual indicator holders for auto-
type fuses and rather more with neon indicators, but none of the latter
worked at 12v - they're all for 90-240v circuits.

I'm somewhat surprised that LED indicator holders for 5x20mm fuses aren't
available - it wouldn't be hard to fit an LED in the cap of these

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