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Default Pitts Fly-In

Mark your calendars for the biggest Pitts Fly-In EVER.

A gathering of Pitts - pilots, planes, manufacturers**, vendors** by special
request and in honor of Curtis Pitts, 87 years young - special guest.

At Blackwell Field (71J), Ozark, Alabama - hosted by Marshall Collins and

Fri - November 7th - arrival/practice
Sat - November 8th - afternoon airshow*, P.M. barn party
Sun -November 9th - A.M. show raindate - P.M. departures

* Airshow will be premier Pitts performers from around the continent flying
for Curtis' enjoyment. Such as Sean Tucker, Wyche Coleman, Bill Finagin,
Skip Stewart, Andrew & Tim Boyd and others.

** Lots of door prizes and trophies donated by the acro community!
Awards for : Oldest Pitts, highest time pitts, longest distance (to the
show) in a pitts


Ozark Quality Inn & Suites - (334) 774-7300
American Inn: (334) 774-5166
Jamieson Inn: (334) 774-0233