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Default I know there are electric powered sailplanes but

On Nov 16, 12:39 am, ""
How about 100% electric powered ultralights?

What problems can anyone forsee to building a 100% electric ultralight
aircraft for short & mid-range commuters to get back & forth to work
(aside from air traffic issues... it IS a big sky after all)?

While not quite on the subject, a fellow built a very light (Benson-
type) helicopter to commute to a company I use to work for. He landed
it on the corporate helipad. By the time people were through beating
him on the head for such an act, he finally was allowed to truck it
away with an escort. I'm glad he was at ground level or he would have
had to dismantle it. Personally I thought it made perfect sense. It
was a very well built machine and he was an expert pilot with about an
18 mile commute over a typically jammed freeway. The fire marshals
and the insurance companies were the main attackers, not the FAA.