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Default Help. Obtaining a UK Gliding License on the basis of my AmericanLicense

On Jul 8, 11:45*am, Paul Jessop wrote:

Here's the information at the BGA web site:

that ref includes the following:

This licence is only valid if the holder has completed 5 hours P1 in
gliders during the previous 12 months. In order to maintain validity
the holder must complete 5 hours P1 every twelve months and have this
recorded in a log book by an authorised instructor."

Do solo UK pilots really have to have their log entries endorsed by an
authorized instructor? In US no instructor, or any other person, is
required to approve a licenced pilot's P1 log entries. In fact I
don't even maintain a paper gliding log book anymore. All my flights
are logged in a computer database and can be substantiated by logger

I returned to UK in 1982 after getting a US licence and within a few
weeks I was towing and intructing at my local UK club. I was approved
as an assistant instructor based on my FAA instructor certificate and
had started training for full cat when I got tired of watching the
rain and fled back to US. It may have been easier because I was a
Brit, but it sounds like it would be harder to do that now.