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Default Help. Obtaining a UK Gliding License on the basis of my American License

The law governing the solo flying of gliders in the UK is very simple, you
have to be over 16 to do it. That is it, that is all the law says.

The BGA rules have been correctly stated but from a legal point of view
you do not need a licence, certificate or indeed medical. I would stongly
recommend flying from a BGA site but there are locations where gliders are
flown outside the BGA and those are not bound by the BGA rules.

The BGA rules on medicals are that if your health enables you to hold a
current driving licence then you can fly solo. If you wish to instruct
then you need to fit the requirements to drive a lorry, medical
requirements that is.

The BGA rules say that your medical practitioner must sign the relevant
form which can be downloaded from the BGA website, nowhere does it say
that your medical practitioner has to be in the UK so get the form signed
by your doctor in the US and that complies with the rules. I have little
doubt that some jobsworth will try and find a reason why it is not
acceptable but it does comply with the stated rules.

To get to real basics you have to find someone who is prepared to let you
fly their glider to fly solo.
To instruct, well, you have to find someone who is prepared to let you
instruct in their glider.
The medical requirements for the above, you are expected to be able to
walk to and from the glider unaided, at the appropriate times but that is
not absolutely essential.