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Wade Meyers
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Default Yeah, I got that one...

Thanks, though.

I have a specific composition in mind, and luckily I have some
EXCELLENT crystal-clear aerials taken in 1994 by the RAF. Got them
from the troops who arranged my visit last year.

I have in mind a composition featuring a very famous aircraft making a
right turn to final on the West Runway, and at the moment I will
probably depict, he'll be at around 300' AGL. I will plot the kite
and visible landscape by Descriptive Geometry, which will give me
"landmarks", but the "details" may be a little sketchy.

I remember from my trip planning last year how sketchy the building
details were in photos. The only PUBLISHED shots, outside of the
dispersal areas, of course, centered around the hangars, O-Mess, and a
little around the quarters. I have the building arrangements, but
sometimes details like drain pipes, etc. aren't known unless one has