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Default COBRA Hydraulic Jack

I should add a couple of things on this topic.

- While the bottle jack approach is just as good as the scissors jack's when making fine UPWARD rigging adjustments (and great for fast coarse raising the fuselage), but is very much inferior when trying to make fine DOWNWARD rigging adjustments. IMHO.
- The foot actuator on the original "Cobra" hydaulic jack fits nicely onto the replacement bottle.
- The original jack has a cleverly bent lever attached to the release valve so that you can use your fingers to open and close it. The replacement bottle's valve is basically a short bolt with the head cut off and a slot cut into the end. You then use the pipe (used to pump the jack up/down) to open/close the valve by rotating the bolt. I use a large screwdriver instead.. Not quite as easy to use as the original bent lever. I was unsure about moving the original lever to the replacement bottle. Same threads? Same ability to close the release valve properly? That all comes down to the machining in the factory which, I fear, is pretty "iffy". Anyone re-invent this?

My $0.02,
John (OHM)