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Gary Drescher
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"Falky foo" wrote in message
. ..
I'm trying to avoid
giving a CFI $70 so that he can spend 15 seconds looking at my answers and
signing off on the test (sorry CFIs).

A typical CFI fee is on the order of $40 per hour, which comes to much less
than $70 for 15 seconds.

FAR 61.103d ( does require a CFI's
signoff before you take the knowledge test. Typically, if you do self-study,
the CFI will assess your readiness in the course of talking to you during
your flight training (and will probably ask you to take a sample test as
well), with little or no additional cost for the assessment and signoff.
Also, there's no need to follow a program like Sporty's (unless you find it
helpful); just reading a good textbook is sufficient.