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All the people I've talked to in San Diego want $70 to sign it, since I
don't have someone I'm taking regular lessons from at this time.

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. ..
I'm trying to avoid
giving a CFI $70 so that he can spend 15 seconds looking at my answers

signing off on the test (sorry CFIs).

A typical CFI fee is on the order of $40 per hour, which comes to much

than $70 for 15 seconds.

FAR 61.103d ( does require a CFI's
signoff before you take the knowledge test. Typically, if you do

the CFI will assess your readiness in the course of talking to you during
your flight training (and will probably ask you to take a sample test as
well), with little or no additional cost for the assessment and signoff.
Also, there's no need to follow a program like Sporty's (unless you find

helpful); just reading a good textbook is sufficient.