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Default Looking for help with French trailer documents (contact information)

At 07:31 20 February 2020, wrote:
Try on this french forum:

Trying is a good idea, especially if you have good
French (I don't).
Looking back over the thread I'm not clear what is your exact
problem? Is the Certificate of Conformity wrong/has errors? If the
trailer has French registration then presumably the French thought
the (French) paperwork was in all in order?
Have you tried to contact the French authorities by email, attaching
copies of your documents?
During my protracted registration process I was advised, by the
French authorities, to have the trailer inspected by the French DRIRE
authorities. This was done at no small expense and trouble and the
trailer was pronounced roadworthy and the all the documents were
deemed correct. The French registration authorities then declined to
accept the DRIRE recommendation and simply said "Non" (again). So
my advice would be to continue trying to sort the paperwork and do
not get involved in physical trailer inspections because the
registration authorities and the inspection authorities are two quite
different systems and they don't seem to integrate.
i'm resident here in France and would be happy to get a "connect"
number if that would help.
Best of luck.