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Default Junior World Gliding Championships-Links to follow the US Junior Team

Our US Junior Team is flying a great World Championship event in Hungary. Congratulations to all of them for their efforts so far.

I would also like to thank John Good and Daniel Sazhin for their great daily reporting from the Junior Worlds. John's reports on the US Team website about the big picture of the contest site, the challenges of the flying and weather are always interesting. His subtle sense of humor about life at the site is also greatly appreciated.

Daniel Sazhin's reporting about the details of each flight as posted to his website (and linked to the SSA site) are wonderful and practically put the reader in the cockpit with him. Given the time demands of flying the contest, the effort spent on these reports for the rest of us is greatly appreciated.

I hope that all our US pilots (JP Stewart, Noah Reitter and Michael Marshall) continue to put together great flights and have a good time for the remainder of the event. Thank you for all of your efforts.