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Default FS2004 & ATI 9800 XT Classic - problem!

any help welcome!
Installed ati (Herculese) 9800xt classic in my windows XP machine.
Works fine with normal "office" applications. When I load FS2004 I get
different reactions ranging from:
1. freezes when FS starts.
2. frezzes when I change settings in FS.
3. Screen blanks and freezes for above.
4. PC crashes.
All of the above can also happen during flight.

I have taken the side off the PC case and blast cold air in to
elliminate overheating probs. Have tried older and newest drivers.
Have re-formatted and re-built from scratch.

When it does work (for up to 15 mins so far) on max settings it is
awesome - with some reality that I could crash at any moment!!!

Any ideas?