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John Hall
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Sounds like a driver problem. Ensure that your chipset drivers,
particularly the AGP driver is installed correctly, then your Direct X 9
drivers, and then the drivers for your video card.


"smooby" wrote in message
any help welcome!
Installed ati (Herculese) 9800xt classic in my windows XP machine.
Works fine with normal "office" applications. When I load FS2004 I get
different reactions ranging from:
1. freezes when FS starts.
2. frezzes when I change settings in FS.
3. Screen blanks and freezes for above.
4. PC crashes.
All of the above can also happen during flight.

I have taken the side off the PC case and blast cold air in to
elliminate overheating probs. Have tried older and newest drivers.
Have re-formatted and re-built from scratch.

When it does work (for up to 15 mins so far) on max settings it is
awesome - with some reality that I could crash at any moment!!!

Any ideas?